Gleit says this: “In times of crisis, connecting is more important than ever.”

Posted by Jul Tiong on

There have been loads of natural disasters happening around the world nowadays, such as Earthquakes most recent, 4.7 magnitude, 37 km depth in Ternate, Maluku Utara, Indonesia (references from, floods or fires.


Facebook Vice President of Social Good Naomi Gleit has recently launches a new “community help” feature to provide a forum at the leading social network whereby assistance will be offered to victims.

Safety Check was launched in 2014 by Facebook for members to easily update their family and friends upon natural disasters if they were unharmed and safe. A improvised version, Community Help, lets people to locate, contribute, e.g foods, shelters or transportation in the aftermath of a crisis.

Before this, members of Facebook was using groups or posts at the social network to organize aid for people after disasters such as flooding in Chennai, India, in late 2015.

According to Facebook, Community Help is being added to Safety Check initially in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and Saudi Arabia and will eventually expand to other parts of the world.

Safety Check will be activated after Facebook receives alerts from global crisis reporting agencies and post regarding the incidents. If it is an natural or accidental disaster, the Community Help tool will be triggered as according to Gleit.


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