Last chance to buy a V12 Ferrari, The legendary Nokia 3310 is coming back & McDonald STRAW

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Most powerful naturally aspirated engine in Ferrari's history

 (Source: TopGear)

Ladys and gentermen, please allow me to introduce the latest Ferrari model, the Ferrari 812. It carry the most powerful naturally aspirated V12 engine in Ferrari's history. It product 789 horse power. Do you know what this mean to you? It means there are more than 650 horse power the rich owners will never use in their daily life. What a waste! ( Singapore Audi A3 only have 999 cc with 116 horse power engine. )

But who care!!! Everyone want one. 

Especially this Ferrari 812, because it may be the last V12 engine the Ferrari is going to product. This making it more collection value. In fact, buying the car maybe a good long term investment idea if the rumour is true. 

Check out more detail, please click on here

  • Comment: One day, I will get one. 

The Legendary phone is coming back

Nokia 3310, the legendary phone may come back. The phone was famous of its three features, easy to use, long lasting battery and nearly destroyable design. People  have tried many ways to destroy it. Some successes, but mostly failed. Check out here to see how people are trying to destroy the Nokia 3310. Click here You may also interest with its unboxing & review video on Youtube.  

The company may reintroduce the Nokia 3310 with a Android system. Check out the news here. ( )

  • Comment: If Nokia 3310 can talk, It will be just like watching the movie " the terminator", Arnold Schwarznegger said to you "I'll be back".
  • Comment 2: Nokia is always doing role model of corporate social responsibility. Why? Making a undestroyable mobile phone, 1. save environment, 2. letting people use the Nokia phone to defend themselves without a second thought. Good job, Nokia.

McDonald know how to draw attention.

It is basically the true that rich people can do anything (legally) he/she wants.  In this case, it is rich company can do anything for their marketing. McDonald had partnered with a aerospace engineering companies to develop a so call "Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal" or STRAW in short form. This STRAW is design to bring you more enjoyable experience when you drinking a milk shark. It can pull both chocolate and mint shake into your mouth in equal proportion. Interesting? Check out the McDonald Youtube Channel for the story behind.

 They called it evolutional and magical. You may also interesting with its review, you can check out Andrew 's first hand experience in engadget (

  • Comment: Only 2000 was made and distributed only in U.S. Let me do the calculation for you, 2000/324420000(US population)=0.00000616. I bet the chances of win a TOTO price is much higher than getting one of 2000 STRAWs. Don't you think?



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