Baseus USB & Accessories

Camera Lens Tempered Glass: Protect your camera lens from scratches and bumps.

Home Key Guard: Protect your home key and enhance finger prints recognition

Mechanical Era Apple Cable: Special design to pro-longed your USB Cable usage

MFI Certified Apple Cable: MFI being the Apple recognition certification, use with trust.

New Era Storage Apple Cable: Light & Portable, Fashion & Stylish, Easy to store your cables

Small Waist Apple Cable: Slim and durable. 

Two-In-One Cable: Combination of Apple & Android USB Cable, 1 Cable is all you need.

Yart Elbow Apple Cable: Special Design to protect your cable for better angle usage. 

O Hub Type C: Further expansion for HDMI and making it more convenient for work & entertainment

Notebook Expansion Dock: Provides notebook with more USB port for better convenience

Duowood Desk Charging Station: Special wood stylish design for style charging. 


A wide range of accessories and high quality of USB Cables for better convenience in our daily lives. Stylish and durable, is our motto upon sourcing for accessories to provide better assistance for our daily lives at work, or at home. 

Baseus New Era Cable
Regular price $12.00
Baseus Portman 3-in-1 USB Cable
Regular price $10.00
Notebook Expansion Dock
Regular price $55.00
Baseus O Hub Type C
Regular price $88.00
Baseus Small Waist Series
Regular price $8.00
Baseus Yart Elbow Type Cable
Regular price $12.00
Baseus Mechanical Cable
Regular price $11.00
Baseus Home Key Guard
Regular price $4.00