MAOXIN 10000 mAh First meet series Powerbank

First Meet - First impressions are the most important. Let your power bank do the job with First Meet.


A forest represents nature and mystic all at the same time


Rain drops against a backdrop of blue brings the chic out of you


Cute little cactus as companionship every day

Yellow Duck

The famous yellow duck to bring the fun out of you every day


A slim and lightweight power bank that you can bring anywhere with you. It has a power of 10,000mAh and is compatible with all phone models and brands. It is a great value for money since it also comes with a case and a ring stand holder. With our current promotion, you are getting a USB fan and LED light for FREE too!

This power bank comes with a built-in intellectual chip to prevent it from over-heating. This ensures both your safety and the power bank!

Most power banks in the market do not provide any form of warranty but this power bank comes with 6 Months Warranty to give you a peace of mind. ​


Battery capacity: 10000mAh

Interface: Micro USB(input), USB(output)


Input: 1.5A(TYP) DC 5V

Output: 2.1A DC 5.1V

Weight: 180g

Note: This product available to SINGAPORE market ONLY!