Selfie & Group Photo Tools

Baseus iShining Selfie Light: Lighting tools to enhance the lighting of your photo and is equipped with wide angle lens, meaning more people can fit into the photo now.

Bcase Bluetooth Remote: No more needing to hold the selfie stick upon taking group photo. Light & portable, simply use the stand to hold your phone and connect the shutter to your phone with Bluetooth and you are ready for any size of group photo!

We always have problems taking good selfie and group photo, it's either lighting not bright enough or hand not long enough to hold the phone for group photo. QuaStuffs know your troubles and so here we go, introducing this 2 amazing products to improvise your selfie and group photo. All sorts of pose, any numbers of people for group photo, and never have to worry about lighting anymore, with this 2 amazing products from us. 

Bcase Bluetooth remote shutter
Regular price $22.00
Baseus iShining Selfie Light
Regular price $20.00